Having heard so much about Joss and all positive feedback, this restaurant was on the top of our list to explore. Last month, we celebrated a friend’s birthday at Joss, situated in Santacruz/off Linking Road and we were super stoked. We made sure to make a reservation a day before to avoid waiting at the restaurant.

On arrival we were greeted and shown to our table by the hostess and the servers helped us get comfortable in our seats. We were given our time to decide what we would like to order and they were very helpful when we were confused as to what should be ordered.


Food: 4/5

Service: 4/5

Ambiance: 4/5

Napa Valley: we started with the Napa Valley Sushi that contained Asparagus, cucumber and cream cheese with white sesame. At first we thought this might turn out to be bland, but we realized that the sushi was the highlight of the entire meal! The combination was perfect and very subtle yet strong in taste.

Napa Valley

Spinach Dumplings: soft dumplings filled with spinach, garlic and bamboo shoots were served to us steaming hot. They were delicious and we ended up ordering another round of these dumplings! Recommend if you like spinach in your dumplings


Barbecued Cottage cheese: MUST HAVE! This one is a must have at Joss. Domino shaped tofu barbecued to the right amount with ginger juice, chili and topped with black sesame made for a perfect start to our evening. Everything about this dish was perfect in its own way.

Khao Suey: we were most excited for this; everyone’s favorite and a dish that you can never go wrong with. They served this with a variety of sides such as noodles, spicy sauce, toppings etc., but the flavor of the curry was very tangy and imbalanced. The presentation was very unique and appealing to the eyes, but did not stand up to our expectations in terms of taste.

Khow Suey

Mee Goreng: Indonesian noodles with Asian vegetables and little gravy was very average. If you have to order noodles then the prosperity Pan fried noodles sounded really delicious.

Smoking Cosmopolitan: a recent trend seen at various restaurants is the presentation of the food or item is very quirky and different which has pulled double the customers to experience this novelty service. The same goes for the Cosmopolitan (virgin) served at Joss in a large glass smoke pipe topped with dry ice to create fumes. The drink was alright as it felt like they have served us with a serving of Tropicana/Real fruit juice. The experience was great, so this is recommended to enjoy the modern approach to drinking.


Big Bang Theory: having heard so much about their signature dessert, we were really keen on the whole experience of enjoying this right out of the table as described in their menu. It started with a special chef who laid a rubber mat on our table and began drawing out the galaxy (rounds of different flavored sauces) with stars (biscuit based bread), planets (texture of egg yolk of different flavors), asteroids and meteors. The sun is then placed on the table, topped with dry ice and then cut from the middle to reveal its contents. Filled with dollops of cream, bread, ice cream and biscuit based base, the dessert was very ordinary. We felt the dessert is a bit over priced and didn’t taste very good. Again, except the presentation and its innovative technique of serving, the dessert is recommended to try only for the experience.

                   TBBT 1                           TBBT 4

                   TBBT 3                           TBBT 2

Joss is ideal for a date, as its cozy and the ambience is very quiet, with dim lit lights and tables placed at a good distance from each other to enjoy your meal at your own p(e)ace. Given the ambience and service, the menu is highly priced and is worth it, so we recommend you visit this place with a special someone or friends/family. Let us know your experience at Joss and/or what was your favorite here? 🙂

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