Cool off year round with Prabhat Dahi- Ekdum ghar jaisa!

Bombay weather feels like summer all year round and the best way to beat the heat is consuming foods that cool the body. Among those foods, our favourite is Dahi and items that have curd as the main ingredient.

Over the weekend, we had some guests visiting us, so we decided to prepare some Dahi Vada as a welcome snack. The Dahi had that silky, velvety feel and tasted just like homemade – ekdum ghar jaisa! We were really excited to serve it to the guests.

Upon arrival, we served the guests the Dahi Vada and to our surprise the dish was consumed and wiped off the bowl within minutes. With the weather soaring to high temperatures, the guests enjoyed the Dahi Vada even more. We couldn’t serve them more of the Dahi Vada, but we made it up to them with Chaas (butter milk) at the end of the meal. My mother was caught off-guard when asked about the way she made its base ingredient —  Dahi. We then revealed to the guests that with so many options available in the market, we like trying out new items and recently picked up Prabhat Dahi from our local supermarket.

We got great pleasure, we also shared our Dahi Vada recipe with them 🙂


2 cups of Maida

1 tsp of soda

5 tbsp cooking oil

1 tub of Prabhat Dahi

2 Green chilies – chopped

Mint chutney

Sweet tamarind chutney

Red chilli powder – as per taste

Salt as per taste

Cilantro for garnish

Recipe: First prepare the dough for the Vada. For this,  take Maida and add a pinch of soda to make it soft & fluffy. Let it stand for 3 hours. Prepare small round balls with the dough and drop it in the frying pan until crispy & well cooked.

Once they attain room temperature, soak them in water for about half-an-hour so they become soft & easy to eat.

Now scoop out Prabhat Dahi in a bowl and beat it till it becomes silky & soft in texture. Then add Vada into it. Top it off with sweet & spicy chutney, green chilies, salt & red chilli powder as per your taste and garnish with cilantro before serving.

After this experience, there was no going back. I tried Prabhat Dahi, then bought its cheese, paneer, shrikhand, milk & ghee! We aren’t surprised to see our fridge stocked with Prabhat Dairy’s products. You have all the more reasons to do so, for there is an exciting contest where you can get a chance to be the #DahiQueen.

To participate, you have to share a video of you cooking a dish with Dahi as the key ingredient. Do use #DahiQueen, follow Prabhat Dairy and tag @PrabhatDairy as well. This contest is only open for residents of Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Thane at the moment. The winners of the contest will be rewarded with vouchers from Prabhat Dairy and will also be crowned the #DahiQueen. So, what are you waiting for? Being the superwomen we are, whip up some magic on the camera, share with the world and win big!

To learn more about various products and offerings from Prabhat Dairy log on here: check them out on Facebook here and twitter here!

Share with us your favourite stories when Prabhat Dahi saved you and if you love ghar jaisa Dahi as much as we do!

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