E.A.S.T at Sahara Star

There are some places that stay with you for a very long time in terms of memories, time spent there and in our case- food we’ve had there. Last week, we visited E.A.S.T. at Sahara Star, Mumbai with FBAI & fellow bloggers to be transported to various regions in East Asia through a journey filled with food, fun & more food. Chef Salil was personally attending each one of us along with his team to take us through the property, the food and explain to us what was in store for us for the evening.


We started our evening in the lobby of the hotel which has s spectacular view of the entire hotel including, a pond, swimming pool, garden area and so much more. We indulged in mocktail & cocktails with snacks to get set for the evening until fellow bloggers joined in. we couldn’t wait for the evening to begin as we were really excited to try out east Asian food + super hungry, too.

P_20160617_201826_LL Yakult based cocktail


Food: 3.5/5

Service: 4/5

Ambience: 4/5

Value for Money: 4/5

We started with steamed Spinach and Corn Dumpling; which was served with two sweet & spicy sauces and this was the perfect start to our meal at EAST. The Vegetarian Hargao was shaped like cute little bunnies, and was almost too pretty to eat. This one was a cold dumpling filled with rice & subtle flavors.


Mushrooms in Black Pepper: chunks of mushrooms sautéed and cooked in black pepper sauce were one of our favorites and couldn’t stop ourselves from a second serving. This is an absolute must-have here.


Wok Tossed Raw Papaya Pad Thai: so far wherever we have tasted Pad Thai, it hasn’t been consistent or something that has bowled us over. However, the Raw Papaya Pad Thai had us stunned with its taste, texture and health benefits. Instead of noodles, the raw papaya used was a perfect substitute and you almost don’t feel the noodles missing from the dish. Perfectly flavored and prepared, we really enjoyed this dish and recommend for your next visit here.


Vietnamese Spring Rolls: these rolls have cold vegetables wrapped in rice paper to give you a break and cleanse your palate as you prepare for your main course. We added some sweet chilli sauce to the rolls and it was a great combination.


Tofu in Chili Bean: subtly spicy tofu in chili bean curry was a delight to our taste buds and we relished every bite of this dish with jasmine rice.

Thai Veg Green Curry: possibly one of the finest green curries we’ve had in a long time and Chef Salil & team have done an impeccable rendition of East Asian dishes. This went perfectly with the sticky rice.

Jasmin Rice, Sticky Rice, and Steam Mantoa Bread, Noodles: our main course was accompanied with rice, steamed Mantoa bread (which was delicious just by itself, and we also consumed it with spicy sauce).


We indulged in a jasmine tea break before desserts

For Desserts we had the fruit tart that was topped with jackfruits, lychee & other seasonal fruits. We aren’t too fond of fruit tarts; however this one was scrumptious and wiped out within a matter of minutes. The chocolate mousse was a cherry on the cake (evening), and is perfect for all chocolate lovers. The coconut and pandan jelly was super soft and a task to eat without messing our hands and clothes, but was worth all the stains and surf excel dialogue exchange with mother the next morning.



Overall, we had a great Friday evening with lots of good food and conversations at the dinner table. We were entertained with a magic show in between appetizers & main course as well, which added to the joy of the evening. For all those looking to hang out with dear ones over good, comfort food; or those who enjoy East Asian food, EAST at Sahara Star should definitely be on your list.

Do share with us your favorite East Asian food experience; we’d love to hear from you!

EAST - Sahara Star Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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