Pizza Express

We had the opportunity to try out part of Pizza Express’ Summer menu last month. Here’s a sneak peek on our experience.


Food: 3./5

Service: 4/5

Ambience: 4/5

Value for money: 3.5/5

Dough balls: warm and delicious fluffy dough balls, our must-have and every favorite here. This is a dish you will spot on almost every table, and it is oh-so-worth every penny.


Hawaiian Pizza: at first we were unsure of adding pineapple on our pizza, however we took the risk and it was so worth it! Crispy base, pineapples and perfectly cooked pizza was the highlight of our meal and we ended up finishing 3/4th of the pizza all by ourself, without any help!


Banoffee Pie: this one was delicious and is our new favorite at Pizza Express! For all you banana/banoffee fans, go on and order this one already!


Philadelphia cheesecake: this is another must-have every time we visit PE. There are no words needed to describe this, as we probably wouldn’t do justice to the same. Try this dessert here, regardless of how full you are, you will be thanking us later.


For the mocktail we had the bubble gum and chocolate shake which went well with the pizza. We would suggest you choose a more fruit based drink to wash down the food easily and not feel too heavy at the end of the meal (to save space for dessert! 😉 )



Pizza express, for us, is a place where we go everytime we want to gorge on pizza and feel good at the end of the meal! All our visits so far, have been pleasant and will vouch for the dough balls, cheesecake and the pizza anytime. What is your favorite at pizza express, do share with us!

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