Tea Trails

Our Parents play a key role in our lives- they are involved in our childhood, adolescence and remain with us until we are adults. similarly, when it comes back to doing something for them on a special day, we are all up for it. after all, there is nothing else that we would rather see than joy and satisfaction of our parents. This year on Father’s Day we wanted to do something special for our Dad, so we began thinking on a different idea and we fixed on going on a date with Dad & Mom on 19th June, Sunday at Tea Trails, Kala ghoda.


Food: 4/5

Service: 4/5

Ambience: 4/5

Value for Money: 4/5

Silver Needle White Tea: we started with the white tea which is supposed to be brewed for 2-3 minutes. They have a cute little set up and hourglass that helps you keep a track of the time your tea should be brewed for. The silver needle white tea has been on our list for a while and we are so glad we tried it here. Very light and perfect for the monsoon. This was paired with Bun Maska; oodles of butter in between buns and it reminded us of our childhood days when we used to have this with our grandfather during our morning tea ritual.



Kashmiri Kahwa Green Tea was paired with Olive Tapenade and Green Tea Bruschetta: the food and tea pairing here has been done brilliantly so that one item doesn’t over shadow the taste/ingredients of the other. We consume 2 cups of green tea everyday and this Kashmiri Kahwa green tea with the green tea Bruschetta was a delight to our taste buds. Recommended if you like green tea + Bruschetta. The green tea can also be paired with Burmese Tea Salad, loaded with veggies, peanuts and tea leaves, this was our favorite dish at Tea Trails.



Lapasang Souchang Black Tea & Smoked Cottage Cheese Sandwich: our first experience with black tea and it was a great one. This tea is good for the heart & maintaining overall health. This was paired perfectly with smoked cottage cheese sandwich. At first, we didn’t like the taste of the sandwich, however when consumed with the tea, we preferred it more that way.



Kulhad Chai with Onion Pakoda: this is for every Indian/chai fan/Pakoda fan/ foodie. Served in a matka glass, this chai is Masaledar and adds the perfect zing that is required during the monsoon. The onion pakodas, where do we even begin! Scrumptious pakodas with delicious chutney pairs impeccably with the Kulhad chai. We already have made plans to go back here when its pouring to order this combination and make the most of this monsoon.



Tisane Red Zen Tea with Red Velvet with Fruit Compote: we love tea and had heard of green, white and chai tea before. But our visit to Tea Trails taught us so much and gave us to opportunity to explore about various forms of tea available. Such is, the red Zen tea, (also known as dessert tea) which leaves a slight sweet after taste in your mouth. This was paired with red velvet.



Apart from the tea’s we also tried other tea based mocktail. The Matcha Shake was served in a mason jar, well prepared and slightly on the sweeter side. The Lychee Bubble and Mango Bubble Tea is perfect for those who love to experiment with new drinks. The juice/tea reminded us of mazaa or a drink we used to have as kids in our hometown, but the burst of bubbles in the mouth adds to the overall taste of the drink.



To sum it up, we had a great experience at Tea Trails, Kala ghoda outlet consuming and learning about the benefits of tea. Our parents enjoyed the lovely afternoon with lots of tea and food, as well. We are certainly going back here for the Kulhad chai and onion Pakoda soon. If you are looking to sip on tea, paired well with food, we recommended heading down to Tea Trails and experiencing it for yourself. This is one of the fine tea places in the city we have been to and look forward to visiting here again.

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