Freak Shakes!

The monstrous freak shakes that you have read and heard about all over the internet are here and we tried them over the last week. With our friend Rasesh from Moreovercoffee, we headed to the Peddar road Di Bella outlet and here’s our take on the freak shake!

Available in three variants, 1. The Melbourne Freak Shake 2. Childhood wonderland Freak Shake 3. Gold Coast Pretzel Freak Shake! Each better than the other, at first it was a really difficult choice to make. However, we settled on the Melbourne and the gold coast pretzel shake.

The Melbourne freak shake arrived first and we both took a moment to let the beauty of the glass served to us, sink in. loaded with thick chocolate ganache with rich cream, dark chocolate crispy pearls on the rim of the glass, milk chocolate shots topped with Victorian chocolate sticks, Oreos, swirls of whipped cream with an Aussie waffle! If you are already drooling and salivating, just imagine how you will feel when served with this delicious thick rich (milk) freak shake! This one is perfect for all those who love their dose of chocolate (white/milk).

The Melbourne Freak Shake.

The Gold Coast Pretzel shake consists of velvety caramel sauce, bar of Twix chocolate, swirls of whipped cream topped with gold coast pretzels and stuffed with an Aussie waffle! Just imagine our faces when both the shakes were in front of us and we couldn’t decide which one to gorge into first! This freak shake is for those who like experimenting, as it’s a little more towards the sweeter side, due to the caramel and the pretzel gives it a savory flavor to the freak shake.

The Gold Coast Pretzel Freak Shake

The shakes are filling and will leave you satisfied in the end with the quantity and quality of the drink. The Freak Shakes are priced at 350 INR.The service and ambience of the place is great, as usual. All we can say is, “Get your FREAK on!” at the closest Di Bella outlet!

Look at these two beauties!

Have you tried the freak shakes yet? If Yes, we’d love to hear on your experience with this beauty of a shake.

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