Wok Express

Woks are the latest food fad and we are in love with them! After all, who doesn’t like a hot meal after a long tiring day? If you love Woks, too, then we recommend you visit Wok Express’ nearest outlet. Read on to find out about our experience in details.


Food: 3/5

Service: 3/5

Ambience: 3/5

Value for Money: 3/5

Woks: who doesn’t love to fresh hot meal? You get to choose your own base, ingredients and toppings from various options. We tried the magic pepper, hot crispy garlic and chilli basil with ramen, rice and flat wheat noodles respectively. The personal sized wok is perfect for one person, if the wok is all you are going to eat here. However, the large size is perfect if sharing with 2 or more people. Our all time favorite is the magic pepper with the ramen and we can go back for it in a heartbeat.

Our favorite here!

Sushi & Dumplings: We were really looking forward to trying out the sushi and dumplings here, but weren’t too happy with the Crispy Veg Tempura roll or the Sriracha Surprise Dumplings.

The Dumplings

Bao: Two mini chilli Paneer Baos were served in a bamboo casket, and we enjoyed the same. However, it isn’t too filling, so if you are sharing, a wok and a bao should be good enough to fill you up.

Paneer Chili Bao

Drinks: The Minty Mojito, Mango Basil and Pink Guava Iced Tea is what we tried and we were left spell bound with the minty mojito and the mango basil bubble tea. The bubbles (tapioca pearls) although we wished they were a little more soft so we wouldn’t have to chew them so hard.


Overall, we think that if you are someone who likes hot meals/freshly cooked food the Woks at Wok Express is something you should definitely try out. And if you are fan of the mojito (virgin), do give this one a try.

When the fortune cookie friendzones you!

Which is your favorite go-to Wok place? Do share with your wok stories with us!

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