Kalpana’s Tastee

For all of us who love eating food in the Udipi’s or have that one place we can visit anytime of the day; we present to you a name to bookmark, add to your list and etch in your memories for the delicious food they provide. We are talking about Kalpana’s Tastee restaurant in Worli!

If you have been here before you know what we are talking about. Let us give you an idea of our favorites (pretty much everything on the menu 😉 ) here.


Food: 4/5

Service: 3.5/5

Ambience: 3/5

Value for Money: 4.5/5

Pav Bhaji: The BEST Pav Bhaji we have had in Mumbai. There has not been another place that we have found that serves better pav Bhaji than here. Can be customized as per your preference, so go on order away and thank us later! If you are following us on instagram, you will know how big a fan of this pav Bhaji we are! 😀


Chaat: the water they use in their pani puri is mineral water for all those finicky about the quality of the chaats here. The Dahi batata puri, pani puri and bhel are our favorite here in this section of the menu.

French Fries: a customary dish for us every time we visit Tastee. We always ask for extra crispy fries which we top with pepper and salt and relish as our main course is served on our table.


Tawa Pulav/Biryani: oh my, our mouth is watering as we type this and we are probably going to end up going here tonight for dinner. The biryani is delish if you are looking for something in rice + ask them to make it a little spicy and let this lovely dish set your world on fire! Ok, to be honest, if you love biryani/rice – go for this one, we promise you won’t regret it.

Dosa: being an udipi, the south Indian section is the strongest here. Their sambar (when piping hot) is delectable and you won’t be able to stop yourself from ordering another serving. The onion chili rava dosa and idli Vada are must-haves here.


Coffee: to end your meal on a sweeter and south Indian (udipi) ishtyle, have the filter coffee (kapi) here while you wait for your bill. And when you walk out of that restaurant, we know you are going to be content, already planning your next visit 😉

Head to kalpana if you are looking for good food regardless of the ambience, service/location. It has been over 15 years that we dine here at least twice a month with our family and the staff knows our favorites here as well. Recommended to those who are looking at good quality and delicious Pav Bhaji to dig into! They also deliver in the vicinity of Worli, and the food tastes just the same when ordered at home or dine-in.

We have been to Kalpana (next door) as well, which is more for those who prefer to dine in an A/C hall, but the charm of Tastee is something different, that cannot be described. If  you are looking for north Indian food then Kalpana is a good choice, too.

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