California Pizza Kitchen

During our recent visit to High Street Phoenix, we wanted to try out the all new Jamie Oliver’s Kitchen, but due to an incessant wait, we decided to try out California Pizza Kitchen(CPK). We walked in to find out that we could choose wherever we wanted to sit, settling for a quiet corner with friends. Read on to find out about our second experience here:


Food: 2.5/5

Service: 3/5

Ambience: 2.5/5

Value for Money: 2.75/5

Black bean quesadilla with fried Mac n cheese: part of their friendship menu, the two dishes were combined to serve you three pieces of each.  The black bean quesadilla was tasteless, but the fried Mac and cheese stole the show – partly because it was fried, although it did taste more like cheese corn balls. P_20160822_203259_HDR

Pesto cream pasta: high expectations and disappointed again. Very dry and undercooked penne, however the pesto tasted good. P_20160822_204227_HDR

Exotic mushroom: 4 types of mushroom in one pizza, and if you are a mushroom lover – this one is for you! This was the best and only dish we enjoyed here, and recommend only IF you like mushrooms. We’ve tried their other pizzas on occasions and have enjoyed them the most at CPK. P_20160822_204517_HDR

Drinks: a little disappointed with the mocktail here, our summer breeze tastes like mazaa with lots of ice! (for all you know!)P_20160822_203331_HDR

Overall, enter in here with low expectations so you aren’t too crabby by the end of the meal. The staff is friendly, but the ambience is not (read: flies!) and its one of those dimly lit restaurants, so take your pick accordingly.

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