Artisan, Sofitel

Sofitel Mumbai BKC adds an exciting dimension to their pillar of gastronomy with a brand new Bistro Menu at Artisan for breakfast, lunch and evening tapas. The menu is inspired by the chic French cafés featuring rustic dishes, designed to take guests through the world’s most romantic cuisine. Launched this week, the Bistro Menu brings gourmet delicacies of France to your plate, right here in the heart of Mumbai.


Food: 4/5

Ambience: 4.5/5

Service: 4.5/5

Value for Money: 4/5

Our first thought when we found out about the new French bistro menu was, “What’s in it for the vegetarians?!” The Notion is that French food is majorly for meat eaters, which is correct as Chef Manav Koul informed us, it consists primarily of beef and other meats. However, the veggies aren’t to be too disappointed as there are some staples in their diet consisting  of greens and veggies as well. To name a few, ratatouille, crepes, cheese among others. P_20160824_204800_HDR

We indulged in an 8 course meal with Chefs, bloggers and foodies for company with wine flowing through the night with soft and warm breads as well.

Course 1:

Gougeres – Wild mushroom Ragout – shot glass sized mushroom ragout was the perfect way to begin our meal. Topped with walnut, this was delicious.P_20160824_202519

Course 2:

Goat cheese – tatin with Mesclun Salad – for all those who love salads, prepare to be in love! The goat cheese topped on the veggies with the dressing on the salad, is the perfect combination. We are at a loss of words to describe the taste or how we felt when eating this, but you have to try it t believe it.P_20160824_203542_HDR

Course 3:

Tourte Au Camembert – Seasonal Vegetables and Camembert with white wine Beurre Blanc – delicious. Must try here, topped with warm white wine Beurre Blanc, we really enjoyed this dish.P_20160824_205328_HDR

Course 4:

Crepe – Ratatouille and Heirloom Tomato Sauce, Basil – an all time favorite and probably the only thing we knew about French cuisine, thanks to the movie of the said name!P_20160824_212837_HDR

Course 5:

Artichaut- Pumpkin and leek mousse with sage cream – the cream on the side of the dish is delicious, however we found the pumpkin to be too tangy for our taste buds.P_20160824_214650

Course 6:

Fromage – Roquefort, Comte and Brie with Honey Roasted Figs – to prepare you and your buds for what’s coming next, you will be served with various types of cheese with honey roasted figs. This is the perfect palate cleanser, and a double delight for those who love cheese!P_20160824_220605_HDR

Course 7:

Dessert – Crème Brulee, Chocolate Mousse, Profiterole – the chocolate mousse was eggless but trust us when we say it was one of the best mousse we’ve had in a long long time. The crème Brulee comes with a coating of sugar plate, which on consuming, you realize that this is the gift of the gods for you. Creamy and perfect, the crème Brulee is a must have here. The profiteroles were like a cherry on the cake (of desserts!) soft, puffy and cream filled centre with warm chocolate sauce on top was the perfect way to end our meal.P_20160824_222342Course 8:

Mignardise – Tea/Coffee

We were mighty pleased with the courses, portions and taste of the delicious French (veg) cuisine. Our favorite was the Tourte Au Camembert, very different from anything we have consumed yet. If you are someone who isn’t into trying new things, but want to try French food, your safest bet is to start with the Ratatouille. Loaded with veggies and a tomatoes based sauce, the taste is familiar and more towards what we taste in our Indian cuisine.

Overall, as mentioned earlier, we weren’t sure if we’d be full and content by the end of the meal, but little did we know on what was in store for us. If you like exploring new items to try, and even if you don’t, we recommend to try out their new bistro menu at Artisan, Sofitel. Let the chefs give you a tour of France through their food!

Have you tried French food before, if yes, where and how did you like it? We would love to hear from you.

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