Brunch with a Punch!

When we think of brunch, we think indulgence; eating nonstop for over 4 hours and washing it down with drinks. What if we told you and shared with you our story of where we had a ‘healthy brunch’ which was delicious in every bite. Along with FBAI and fellow food bloggers, we headed to Palate Culinary Studio for a brunch with a punch!

Chef Rakhee at Palate Culinary Studio

On arrival we introduced ourselves and got to learning about the plan for the afternoon – ingredients, cookware, chefs, and the dishes.

Lets start with some Sangria

The cookware that we used for the evening was the regular pots and pans (aluminum coated) & the royal prestige range of pots and pans to test out its characteristics & quality. We were divided into two teams – basis the cookware, and we were part of the regular pots & pans team.

We started with making a tomato barley risotto; who knew it would be so simple, easy to cook in under 15 minutes! While it took us 15 minutes in the regular pots/pans to cook, the other team was done cooking in under 7-10 minutes. We were also surprised to see that they didn’t have to add any oil, just the spices and barley directly into the pan for it to being cooking.

Risotto in the making

Along with the risotto, the team began to prepare chermoula chicken on the side, we had Chef Mrugank on our team, so we were sorted.

Chef Mrugank working his magic

Once all the food was ready, we did what we always day dream of- EAT! The tables were laid out, plates set for salad, risotto and Paneer. We helped ourselves until we were full with joy of the teams delicious dish preparations.

Salad with mustard dressing
Tomato Barley risotto is ready to eat

Once we were done with eating, we were told that we would now be making dessert. Desserts are usually cooked slowly or take time, however with Chef Rakhee’s recipe and Royal Prestige cookware both our desserts were ready in about 15 minutes each! Don’t believe us? We didn’t either until we saw a live cooking demo.

We prepared suji ka halwa without any oil and in 15 minutes! All we needed was royal prestige cookware, kesar paani, sugar, rava and an induction/gas to cook the halwa in.

Chef Raj giving us a live demo
Suji ka halwa is ready!

Up next was eggless chocolate banana cake and we volunteered to help bake the cake so we could try out the royal prestige cookware once again. We learnt that the cookware range has a lot of advantages – for e.g.: the pans have  detachable holders, which can be used for baking in the oven! Talk about multipurpose utility!

The ingredients for the recipe!
Look at this beauty!

With the help of Chef Rakhee and Alok from All about that palate, we donned our chefs hats on and went on to mixing the ingredients as per the recipe instructions. Once all the items were mixed and batter ready, we settled it all in the pan and placed it in the oven. The next 10 minutes were the most difficult minutes spent that afternoon.

Overall, the afternoon had a lot of fun, food and experiments lined up for us which we had not anticipated and were pleasantly surprised at how much we had eaten but didn’t feel stuffed or uneasy as we do after brunch!

What are your thoughts on brunch? And if you have been to Palate culinary studio before, share your experiences with us 🙂

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