Bonne Maman now in India!

When I had my first Macaroon from Le 15 Patisserie, I experienced something known as a foodgasm and have always been a fan of their products since. When I first met Pooja Dhingra back in 2013, I understood how lucky I was to be in the company of such a talented individual who truly had the gift from god to make our lives complete with her sweetness (pun intended) 😉p_20161006_212144Similarly, last week I got the opportunity to bake using Bonne Maman products with Pooja Dhingra & Pablo Naranjo at Studio Fifteen with FBAI, team Atout France and fellow food bloggers, and I couldn’t be more excited that I left work early to ensure I didn’t miss even a second of being in their midst.p_20161007_092522_hdrUpon entering the studio, we did a quick round of introductions and got into two teams with Pooja & Pablo leading them. We were placed with Pablo, and boy were we elated. I mean, we love Pooja, too, but Pablo… I mean, you know what I mean right!

Happy Foodies at Studio Fifteen

Getting to the point – we started with the cookies first followed by Matcha apricot financiers. At first, I thought wow, this is going to be tough and time consuming, but as we progressed with the recipe, I realized that this is very easy and quick.

Chef Pablo guided us through the process of the jam thumbprint cookies, and realized that it takes skill to whisk the batter together. My arms certainly did get a great work out, though.

Once the batter was ready, we kept it in the refrigerator for 30 mins so that it gets it consistency. In the meanwhile, we prepared the jam to be placed in the well of the cookie.

We got on to the financiers next, creating the batter, placing it in the mold topped with apricot jam to be baked for about 10 minutes.img-20161006-wa0010img-20161006-wa0007p_20161006_192434_hdrSimultaneously, we also worked on our cookie dough – placing little bite sized cookies on the tray making small wells in the middle. We then placed it in the oven for 15 minutes until the edges started to brown (that’s when you know you have to stop, or it gets too hard and loses the flavor).

All smiles jamming those cookies!

p_20161006_194035The Matcha financiers were ready, so was our apricot jam from Bonne Maman which we added additionally on top to enjoy the dessert to the fullest. We had to let it cool down, so couldn’t attack on them yet. We waited for the cookies once ready; we started topping them up with Bonne Maman Strawberry jam in the wells. Once both the desserts had cooled down a bit, we attacked on them like never before and devoured it to every little crumb.

Matcha Apricot Financiers

Such easy and simple recipes were given a different and delicious flavoring with the Bonne Maman jams. These recipes are really easy to recreate at home and take hardly about 30 mins each.

Who wouldn’t want to eat those cookies 😉
With Chef Pooja & Pablo 🙂

Bonne maman Jams are available in India at all leading supermarket outlets. We feel blessed to have had the opportunity to not only try out our hand at baking but also be in the company of Pooja & Pablo making some of the best desserts we’ve had in a while.

If you haven’t tried the Bonne Maman Jams, we think it’s time to pick up a bottle from the shelves and say hello to your new addiction – healthy addiction.p_20161023_175130p_20161023_175139


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