Sunday Brunch at Novotel Imagica, Khopoli

Sunday Brunches are the newest way to get your weekend binging going with friends and family! With so many options available in the city, we bring to you a Sunday brunch option that will not only satisfy you with the food but also help you with a quick getaway from the hustle bustle of the city. We all love Bombay, but sometimes when you are overworked and need that quick little time off, where do you? Somewhere that’s close by, not too heavy on the pocket, get ample of rest and do everything in the vicinity of the property without having to move around too much – we have the answer for you! Novotel Imagica Khopoli!p_20161016_125625_hdr

We visited here recently for 2 day/1  night trip to the beautiful property; read on to find out our experience and why  you should visit here for the Sunday brunch.


Food: 4/5

Service: 4/5

Ambience: 4/5

Value for Money: 4/5

The Sunday brunch is hosted at The Square – all day/multi functional dining hall at the property. located on the ground floor level, it is easily accessible via the elevator and stairs. As soon as you enter, you will spot a breads and salad counter with plenty of options to choose from. There are several stations with live counters of food around the square, so we suggest you first decide where you are going to be seated and take a look around the place so you can decide which meal/station you have to head to in order of preference. And of course, save space for dessert – you are going to be pleasantly surprised and would want to eat all of it!p_20161016_130107_hdrWith an elaborate spread, it was quite a task to figure out where do we start first, but we knew that we wanted to try at least one item from each counter, so we decided to start slow with the bread and salad. The good thing about the brunch spread here is that this caters to all taste buds – Indian, Italian, Mexican, Chinese and lots more! The desserts are a mix of Indian and western/modern desserts preferred by today’s generation.p_20161016_130320p_20161016_130308p_20161016_125617_hdrThe must haves here as per us include: the blue cheese pizza, the veg chow mein, masala bread (made in-house) and the Mexican here is delicious and will have you craving for only more. But, you have to save space for the delicious dessert! 😉p_20161016_125636_hdrDuring our visit here we witnessed some really cool activities which added a little zing to the regular Sunday brunch – the classic Imagica parade. a mini version of the parade that starts from the lobby and into the square with music, laughter and lots of fun!p_20161016_125831_hdrp_20161016_125809_hdrp_20161016_125745_hdrCake mixing – ‘Tis almost the season to be jolly, and why not when you get to witness the ceremony of cake mixing with the staff of Novotel, guests and fellow bloggers as a break from eating. Several fruits, dry fruits and alcohol were poured onto a large table which was then mixed in a community style of event involving everyone present there for this ceremony. We can’t wait to eat the cakes that will be prepared from all the cake mixing ceremonies we have been to so far.thumbnail_cake-mixing-at-novotel-imagica-khopoli-1

The bar is located outside in the mini garden- they will serve you with your favorite drink to your table. They also have the gola margaritas in pineapple, orange and strawberry flavors, we enjoyed them and suggest you try them out if you are looking for something different.

If you are lucky as we were, you will be able to gorge on the chocolate pudding. If you are ever looking for the definition of the term – Foodgasm; this is it. All chocolate lovers must try this out.p_20161016_130112_hdrp_20161016_130015_hdrp_20161016_130023_hdrp_20161016_130029_hdrp_20161016_130038_hdrp_20161016_130056_hdrp_20161016_125923_hdrp_20161016_125936_hdrp_20161016_125954_hdrp_20161016_125959_hdr

We weren’t  kidding when we said save space for dessert! 😉

Overall, the Sunday brunch at the Square seems like the perfect one to go to when you are looking to go for a long drive, away from the city and come back with a full tummy. Novotel is only an hour’s drive away from Mumbai, so a sudden plan on a Saturday night will work well, too!


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