Coma Coma

Very rarely in the past few years we’ve had good Mexican food in the city and are always on the hunt for a joint that can satisfy us of our burrito cravings. We came across Coma Coma, a delivery based joint in Bandra and decided to try them out in quest of the perfect burrito in Mumbai. Read on to find out our experience here:


Food: 3.5/5

Delivery: prompt

Packaging: 4/5

Value for Money: 3.5/5

Chips and dips: corn chips with Quesso, guacamole and sour cream come packed in cute containers and chips in a paper bag. The chips are crisp and well flavored/seasoned; for the dips the guacamole deserves a special mention as it was wiped off in a matter of minutes! Super fresh and perfect, must order and have here. The sour cream and Quesso are good,

Mac and cheese empanada puffs: another appetizer before you get to the main course, and is completely worth every bite. While biting into this, you can taste the mac n cheese and its delicious, this is best enjoyed hot/warm so make sure to eat this

Rustic bowl: the burrito bowl comes with rice, corn, greens and Paneer seasoned with chipotle sauce is scrumptious in every bite. Couldn’t decide if we liked the seasoning, the rice or the salad in the bowl more so we gobbled all of it until there was none

Aubergine bowl: another burrito bowl, this one comprises mainly of rice, sweet potatoes as the base with rice, eggplant and spinach. This was very interesting and took us several bites to understand the taste as we aren’t used to eating too  much of aubergine. This one was very ok in taste and wished that the seasoning/flavor was a little more evident in the dish. If you are a fan of the vegetable, then this one is for

Spiced Pumpkin Empanadas with dulce de leche: for dessert we had pumpkin empanadas which were a great change from the regular sweet/chocolate desserts we’ve been having in the recent times. The extra dulce de leche adds to the taste portion sizes are perfect for two people with good quality and quantity of food. We do wish that in the burritos they had a few more options for vegetarians, as not everyone enjoys an aubergine/mushroom/soy in their meals. Overall, Coma Coma is a good option if you are looking to order in Mexican food and want to try something for a change. We know that we are going to order the chips and dips from here over and over!

Where’s your best and favorite Mexican joint? Share your experiences, we’d love to hear from you 🙂

Coma Coma Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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