Yogurtbay & Wafflebay

We still remember when froyo was available in the city and the first bite that we had. It was good and we knew that this was going to slowly become an addictive habit. We indulge in this occasionally as and when we crave and feel we deserve to treat ourselves. We did the same at Yogurt bay’s latest outlet in Todi Mills where they also their waffles – Waffle bay! photo-11-11-16-20-37-07


Food: 4/5

Service: 4/5

Ambience: 3.5/5

Value for money: 3.5/5 photo-11-11-16-20-36-57We guess we were lucky that we visited on the day of the blueberry cheesecake – one of our favorite flavors at Yogurt bay. We topped that with granola and indulged into the fat and sugar free frozen yogurt. The strawberry was a pleasant surprise and perfect for those who love their sweets – top it up with some caramel almonds, m&ms, granola for the perfect treat. And if you like the classic, there is French vanilla for you as well. photo-11-11-16-20-37-32This was the first time we tried waffles at Waffle bay, we’ve heard quite a bit about them and we experience it first hand to find out that they were indeed amazing. It took a while for the staff to prepare it for it, but it was well worth the wait. With 5 flavor options- nutella, Belgian chocolate, double chocolate/brownie, blueberry and caramel it took about 3 minutes to finalize which one we wanted and then settled for the nutella and the caramel to satiate our sugar rush. The waffle on the sticks are great, easy to eat and mess free. For Rs. 50, we think these are a steal and a great break from your regular dessert options. These are small and bite sized so you can have a bunch of other flavors as well. photo-11-11-16-20-38-05photo-11-11-16-20-38-09Overall, if you are in the area or are looking for a quick dessert without feeling too guilty, head here for some froyo/waffles! They also have waffle cones available if you want to enjoy your froyo as is with flavored waffle cones. The waffles were a good change- one that we are mighty pleased with and are already thinking of which flavor to get the next time we are near a waffle bay!photo-11-11-16-20-44-19

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