House Party with Terra!

House parties are now a fad, which majority of us prefer to indulge into over weekends for celebrations and get-togethers. Planning a house party can sometimes be quite a task: with invitees, décor, food and beverages. You need to ensure that everything goes right, there’s enough to eat and drink with great music to accompany everything. We speak with experience, as last weekend we hosted a house party for a group of 30 odd people and faced a tricky situation that most of us are bound to face as well.

Half way through the party we realized that we were soon running out of chips and the dips! When we enquired, we found out that people couldn’t get enough of the chips and dips that we had kept at the dinner table. This positively surprised us, as we had stocked enough for at least 60 people for the evening. The latter half of the evening passed in sharing our recipe of the dip with our guests and telling them about the different variety of the chips – Terra Chips we had at the party. img_9139We had three types of the Terra Chips in separate trays – the blues (classic), the Mediterranean and the blues. These chips are made out of real exotic vegetables with seasoning as per the flavor you choose –which literally means healthy snacking without feeling guilty of what you are eating.

As for the dip, we used a quick and easy recipe put together by mother dearest for emergency situations such as these – a quick snapshot of the recipe below:

1 cup hung curd

1 carrot shredded

½ capsicum finely chopped

1 tbsp. chilli sauce

1 tsp. sugar

All you have to do is add these ingredients together, mix it and let it settle for about 30 minutes. Serve cold with Terra chips (goes well with all three flavors of the chips) and voila! Get ready to experience what we called gourmet snacking at its best.img_9133So, the next time you are planning a house party or gathering, a potluck, or just want to binge on healthy junk (a new term coined after trying out these chips!) think of Terra chips and dips. Find out more about the chips here.img_9143Share your experiences with us on previous house parties and/or if you have tried Terra chips already 🙂  We’d love to hear from you.

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