Have you felt Silk(y) lately?

Dairy milk has been a part of all our childhood and adolescence days, be it a celebration, birthday or a treat. When silk was introduced, we remember thinking how will anything ever replace dairy milk? The first bite and we knew what was going to be our new favorite. The same thought crossed our mind recently when we heard about the new Cadbury Oreo Silk! Mondelez International and FBAI got all of us chocolate and silk fanatics under a roof at Flavour Diaries, Khar, last weekend where we not only tasted the new silk Oreo but also experimented with the chocolate while cooking it with innovative impromptu recipes.photo-04-02-17-10-44-38Chef Michael Swamy was also the star of the afternoon along with the new Cadbury Oreo silk! When Chef Swamy and silk Oreo team up together – all you can expect are master pieces, as we got exactly that.photo-04-02-17-10-54-35We started with cooking the silk Oreo with strawberries and dried fruit to add to the flavors overall.photo-04-02-17-11-07-11photo-04-02-17-10-51-14The next dish we went to try was with silk Oreo, Oreo cookies, mascarpone which tasted minty, creamy and delicious. Little did we know that using chocolate – silk Oreo while cooking would taste so good!photo-04-02-17-11-12-57After all our photo shoots with the dishes were done, the floor was open and all the bloggers gave their inner cooks a chance to experiment and create dishes from the ingredients available.

Shital and team prepared a chocolate pizza, while Naina and Salloni helped us indulge in a salad that contained silk Oreo. We couldn’t stop ourselves from grabbing another serving.photo-04-02-17-11-45-31photo-04-02-17-11-31-05We are definitely going to be a little more adventurous going forward and start using silk Oreo in the food we cook to add the extra little zing to the dish!

This was all followed   by lunch prepared by silver spoon gourmet; already on a sugar rush, we enjoyed another silk Oreo based dessert. We left that afternoon from the event with happy memories and goodies &  chocolates. Have you tried the new silk Oreo yet? Share your thoughts with us 🙂


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