Kuai Kitchen

We tried out the new Kuai Kitchen located in Colaba for a quick lunch break from work and we will already summarize our experience within one line: you have to visit the place at least once, if not more!


Service: 4/5

Ambience: 3.5/5

Value for money: 4/5

We strated with some Truffle edamame dumpling which was served hot and delicious, however we prefered the Water chestnut and corn dumpling a little more. The flavor and mix of waterchestnt and corn was well balanced especially since we were having this combination for th first time. We also called for Crispy Seaweed and it was a very good idea as we munched on this while we waited for our food to arrive. Try eating these with chopsticks if you really want to be distracted and not think about your food/how hungry you are!Photo 13-04-17, 13 45 40Photo 13-04-17, 13 22 01Photo 13-04-17, 13 18 47

In the sushi we tried the Asparagus Tempura roll – six pieces in a plate, bite sized so you can try out the other options as well. we will defniitely be going back for the sushi here.Photo 13-04-17, 13 21 11

For the main course we order for some Thai Curry green with rice and at this point we couldn’t decide which dish was our favorite. The Thai curry was spicy and lightly sweet as it should be and loaded with veggies which was a plus for us.Photo 13-04-17, 13 48 30

For dessert, we tried the chocolate Kuai Pie which is the highlight of the meal and you will end up fighting with your friend for the last piece! So this is a must-have here.Photo 13-04-17, 14 13 37

Kuai Kitchen surprised us with good food, service, quality and quantity. The space is a bit packed and small given the area in which its situated, however, that’s hardly a matter of concern when everything else is perfect. This place must be on everyone’s list if you are craving for some real good sushi/oriental food.

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