D:OH All day

Kamala Mills is one of our favorite places to go to in the recent time – with so many new places opening every other week and other places around the area, you will never run out of options. We almost have a checklist of the places here and want to tick off as many places as we can. So, on the occasion of a friend’s birthday we decided to give D:OH@ All Day a try. A lazy Saturday afternoon, we wanted some good food, company and a great time with friends after a really long time.


Food: 3/5

Service: 3/5

Ambience: 4/5

Value for Money: 3.5/5

We got there a little before lunch to avoid the rush hour and settled in our super high sofa chairs and started browsing the menu. With very few options for vegetarians we knew what we wanted and went to the counter to place our order. We were handed our buzzer and waited until we got a buzz from the staff that our food was ready to be served and gorged on.

Garlic bread overload – slightly disappointed with this one, cut in small pieces we wish there was some more cheese to cover up for the overpowering garlic.

Nachos – a good choice while you wait for your main course but keep the bar low so you arent too disappointed with this.Photo 23-04-17, 13 32 54Mac and cheese – this was delicious and in no time we wiped the whole dish/plate clean. Because it was reached our table while it was still hot, we really enjoyed it and it’s a safe choice to go with.Photo 23-04-17, 13 33 01DOH Choco shake – order this for the entire table, as its next to impossible to finish this by yourself. This is very picture friendly and tastes really good, too. If you are looking to drown yourself happily in chocolate – order this onePhoto 23-04-17, 13 38 42Veg biryani – by the time we decided what to order for main course we were left with very few options and decided to try the biryani out. This was very okay and kind of watery so we would say avoid this if you can.Photo 23-04-17, 14 02 36Iced latte – delicious and must have here; comes with a hint of chocolate sprinkles which makes this a really good beverage to accompany your lunch.

Post our lunch we indulged in some games that were available at the reception – jenga, Uno, monopoly among others and this made up for the food that we had consumed at D:OH all day. The food is very okay but the ambience and availability of games, ambience makes up for the experience here. Their drinks and freak shakes are worth a try (probably seconds, if you have space in your tummy). It’s a good concept and something new in town, but we wish the food was good/more options for veggies to make up for the experience here as a whole.Photo 23-04-17, 14 29 40
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