Dabbe mein kya hai?

For most of us reading this our day revolves around food and meals, especially during a work day lunch is when you get that hourly break from your crazy schedule. All you want to do is sit down, relax and eat ghar ka khaana. In the days of plastic containers we end up eating our food cold and tasteless. Some of us don’t even heat our containers as its unhealthy and harmful. If you mentally answered ‘Yes’ at the  last two statements – we are glad to share with you a solution that will not only make you happy but your mother as well. after all, you can now enjoy maa ke haath ka khaana the way it should be – hot and fresh.Photo 19-03-17, 19 11 05We came across the Vaya Tyffyn which is purely made out of stainless steel and were wondering how is it different from the other steel tiffin’s mother is always asking us to carry our food in. what sets the Tyffyn apart from others is not only its looks (it comes in 3 variants) but the material used for the inner lining – copper. The main cover of the Tyffyn has a VaccuTherm insulating technology that helps retain the warmth and freshness of the food packed in the containers. It has two smart sized compartments perfect for your roti-sabzi and dal chawal combination with stainless steel latches on the side to avoid it from spilling.

Photo 19-03-17, 19 09 53The outer packaging of the containers comes in 3 variants and in 2 sizes – 600 ml and 1000 ml, you can make your selection depending on how many people  you are packing the lunch for; or if you just have a good appetite (like us! 🙂 )

Photo 19-03-17, 19 09 36
Hot & fresh Dosa and Sambhar to our tummy’s rescue!

Starting last week we carried our lunch in the Tyffyn and haven’t looked at the plastic containers even once for our dabba. There was no spilling, the food was warm and tasty as if mom  had made it for us on our dinner table.

Plus the packaging of the Wool design is super cute and everyone is bound to notice and ask you questions about it. This product is for all of us professionals who are tired of eating in our office canteen or the local restaurant near work and dream of carrying lunch from home on a daily basis – Vaya Tyffyn is here to your rescue.Photo 19-03-17, 19 08 52Read more about the product details here and specifications of the Tyffyn here and if you still haven’t hit the checkout button – think of enjoying your mother’s love through her food and relishing your favorite dish during lunch hours! Photo 19-03-17, 19 11 20


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