Frozen Coffee Milkshake Recipe

Coffee has now become a part of our lifestyle and daily choices. So much so that, we all need a cup of joe to start our day. I know a lot of people who cannot start the day or a conversation in the morning until they have consumed their first coffee. I love my coffee in the morning as well and sometimes in the afternoons when I need a pick me up or just need some energy to get through the tasks for the day.

As part of my experiments and coffee routines I tried a new recipe recently. The frozen coffee milkshake. It is perfect for all the coffeeholics, I think you will enjoy this recipe a lot. It combines the best of both worlds that is coffee and a milkshake.

It is fairly a simple recipe and can be ready within minutes, if you have frozen coffee ice cubes ready and available. Freezing coffee as ice cubes has been very helpful especially since I prefer consuming cold coffee over a hot coffee many a times. This is a very good hack that is life saving and time saving for those days when you really need a cup of coffee to function.

Frozen coffee ice cubes are a savior!

Prep Time: 10 mins                Freeze Time: 60-90 mins                    Total Time: 10 mins


For the milkshake

  • Frozen coffee ice cubes (6-8 medium sized, use as per how strong you like your coffee)
  • ½ cup milk at room temperature. Keep some more aside to make it how thick or strong you like your coffee milkshake
  • 1 tbsp sugar or honey
  • 1 tsp Vanilla/hazelnut/flavoured extract (optional)


  1. Brew your preferred coffee in hot water and once its room temperature add it to the ice cube tray and let it freeze completely
  2. Once coffee ice cubes are ready, add the milk, coffee ice cubes, sugar and flavoured extract in a blender until all the coffee ice cubes have churned well
  3. Blend until it reaches the consistency you like and voila – its ready!
Frozen Coffee Milkshake is ready!

Serving suggestion:

  • Coat the glass with some chocolate syrup/Nutella and then pour the milkshake to get the feeling of enjoying this delicious homemade frozen coffee milkshake in a cafe/coffee shop
  • You can also add some frozen coffee ice cubes to the milkshake if it’s not as strong as you like.

If you try this recipe, share your stories and pictures with me on Instagram at @foodiesofindia

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