The Tallest Statue in the World, Gujarat

I have been travelling and exploring a lot of India recently and to my surprise, there are so many hidden gems in our beautiful country that are still to be explored.

In 2022, I have been lucky to visit the beautiful state of Gujarat twice in the first quarter of the year itself. However, this trip that I did in March 2022, has been incredibly special for me as this was a FAM trip that I did with Gujarat Tourism and the Ministry of Tourism, India.

The itinerary was to discover hidden gems, the heritage and everything Gujarat has to offer along with the TALLEST statue in the world -the statue of unity located in Kevadia.

When I first heard of the Statue of Unity being built, I thought it would be a mere statue and always thought if it would be worth a visit. Little did I know that it has several attractions built in the area which cannot be covered even if you spend two days around the Statue of Unity!

The statue is 182m in height and pays homage to Sardar Vallabhai Patel, for his leadership & commitment to activism for the country. It is built on the Narmada River facing the Sardar Sarovar Dam in Gujarat by Indian sculptor, Ram V Sutar. The project was announced by the government in the year 2010 and inaugrated on 31st october 2018 on the occasion of Sardar Vallabhai Patel’s 143rd birth anniversary.

We boarded the Ekta Cruise to get to the statue and enjoyed some performances aboard along with a beautiful view of the Narmada River. 

We took the last ferry which gave us a sneak peek of the sunrise over the beautiful river and it was a sight to behold! 

We rushed to visit the Statue and to explore it for all it has to offer – a museum, the intricate details and a lift up to the chest area for a mesmerising view from the top of the tallest statue in the world.

I was surprised to spot a Starbucks in the area where you can chill and grab a coffee after a long day of walking around and exploring this architectural marvel. 

In the evening, there is a beautiful and detailed light & laser sound show on the statue itself that talks about the life of Sardar Vallabhai Patel – his education and how he came to be a change-maker in independent India that we see today. 

Right after the light & laser show, if you are someone who enjoys cultural, and religious experiences or if you simply like to explore everything when travelling, do not miss the evening aarti done by the pandits on the Narmada Ghat. It is a small ride away from the statue and lasts for about 20-25 mins, but it’s simply serene and peaceful.

There is also a shiv temple right opposite the ghat – Shoolpaneshwar temple which has super peaceful and lovely vibes and is a must-visit according to me. I am not very religious but the vibe of this temple is something I still remember very clearly and was very inviting. 

Now that we have visited and seen the Statue of Unity, what does one do for the rest of the day – if this question is on your mind, prepare to be surprised with the answer! The government is working to make Kevadia a destination where you can spend 2-3 days easily during your visit with plenty of activities to do and explore such as:

✔️Light & sound show (in the evening on the statue of unity)

✔️Grab a coffee at the Starbucks by the Statue of Unity 

✔️Ride the Ekta cruise to get to the Statue

✔️Valley of flowers

✔️Jungle Safari

✔️Dino Trail

✔️Pet Zone

✔️Unity Glow Garden

✔️Cactus Garden

✔️Narmada Aarti (in the evening)

✔️Ekta Nursery 

✔️Arogya Van

✔️Children’s Nutrition Park 

✔️Butterfly Garden

✔️Vishwa Van 

Overall, the Statue of Unity is a marvel and one that we should be proud of being the tallest statue in the world. If you have been here or are planning to visit, let me know if this blog post has been helpful and do share your experience with me!

Until next time!

Keep Traveling (safely) 

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