Let’s talk about it, shall we?

A new week, a new beginning. Every so often we think to ourselves that every new week calls for something new to start with – be it health, personal, professional goals, family, relationships etc., and we get busy in the whirlwind of our daily routine activities and overlook the goals we have set for ourselves.... Continue Reading →


Have you felt Silk(y) lately?

Dairy milk has been a part of all our childhood and adolescence days, be it a celebration, birthday or a treat. When silk was introduced, we remember thinking how will anything ever replace dairy milk? The first bite and we knew what was going to be our new favorite. The same thought crossed our mind... Continue Reading →

Smirnoff Bowls over Mumbai!

The Indian Premier League fervor has caught up! USL-Diageo had Mumbai going ‘Howzat!’ as Afzal Kaba, United Spirits Brand Ambassador took the audience through an exciting cocktail masterclass on theme of India’s best-loved game, cricket. The guests learned some fun and easy-to-make cocktails that can be effortlessly created at home, perfect for a huddle with... Continue Reading →

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