Dabbe mein kya hai?

For most of us reading this our day revolves around food and meals, especially during a work day lunch is when you get that hourly break from your crazy schedule. All you want to do is sit down, relax and eat ghar ka khaana. In the days of plastic containers we end up eating our... Continue Reading →


Have you felt Silk(y) lately?

Dairy milk has been a part of all our childhood and adolescence days, be it a celebration, birthday or a treat. When silk was introduced, we remember thinking how will anything ever replace dairy milk? The first bite and we knew what was going to be our new favorite. The same thought crossed our mind... Continue Reading →


With so many places opening up every other week, we like to unwind once every week to detox and give our body the rest it deserves so we can remain healthy (to head to more places in the coming week 😉 ) We recently tried out the cold pressed juices from Juicifix, and my oh... Continue Reading →

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