Upma Ready in 5 Minutes! Here’s How

The last one year at home has helped many discover new talents, experiment and start some of the best home kitchens! My mother was one of them and is now a small business owner as well. She started her own business titled, “From Ratna’s Kitchen”, with the encouragement of her building friends.

From Ratna’s Kitchen has slowly expanded its product line and has 4 products currently of which one of them is a ready to cook upma, perfect for your travels, or one of those days when you don’t have time and are tired of eating out and just want a nice homemade meal.

Here’s how you can make the ready to cook upma from Ratna’s kitchen. Super easy, simple and scrumptious!

Prep Time: 2 mins Cooking Time: 3-5 mins. Total Time: 5-7 mins

Cooking instructions:

  1. Heat a Kadai (pan) and then add the desired upma amount to the hot Kadai in medium flame and put a pot of water to boil on the side
  2. Mix it continuously until it turns slightly golden brown in color, do not over mix or leave it on high flame, the upma will burn
  3. Once the upma is slightly golden brown or you can smell the rava, add the boiling water to the pan and stir lightly, and cover the pan with a lid (if you like)
  4. Let it cook for 2-3 mins and stir occasionally
  5. Check the upma to see if it’s cooking at the consistency you want
  6. From Ratna’s Kitchen Ready to cook upma is ready to eat!

Water ratio – 1:3 for every 1 cup of Upma, take 3 cups of water of the same measurement. You can add more or less water depending on the consistency you want for the upma

Storage instructions: Use a clean spoon every time. If refrigerated this will last you 1-2 months and if kept outside at room temperature best consumed within 7-10 days

If you end up trying the ready to cook upma, do let me know how you like it!

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