O:h Cha Brunch

We look forward to weekends to relax, eat & drink; with brunch catching on as a concept and ‘it’ thing to do over the weekends, we review the brunch menu at O:h Cha for you. Read on to find out our experience here:

Photo 04-10-15 13 35 20


Food: 3.5/5

Ambience: 4/5

Service: 4/5

Value for Money: 3.5/5


Fried Turnip Cake: having heard so much about the fried turnip cakes here, we were really excited to try this out but found out that they were unable to serve this dish and will be serving us with spring rolls instead. The spring rolls were delicious- soft and crispy at the same time with a savory filling which was a perfect start to a great brunch.

Photo 04-10-15 13 29 55Sweet corn patty: crunchy and yummy patty is served with a sweet and spicy chili sauce. We weren’t so excited to try this out but were proven wrong with the first bite we took. Everything about this appetizer is perfect! The sauce is an added bonus. Only thing missing was the serene location of a beach or a hill station while enjoying this dish!

Photo 04-10-15 13 41 30

Stir fry tofu with Sriracha: perfectly spiced and soft tofu is cooked in Sriracha sauce to give you a perfect dish. We really enjoyed this one in particular, as it was perfectly spiced and soft at the same time. It was really difficult to eat just one as we knew there is a large spread of items waiting to be served as part of the brunch menu

Photo 04-10-15 13 43 22

Vegetable Chive Dumpling and Vegetable Gyoza: the dumplings were well cooked and presented well. We enjoyed the appetizers more than the dumplings. If you are a fan of dumplings then go on and indulge yourselves into these beauties.

Photo 04-10-15 13 45 27

Burnt Garlic & Basil Soup: we still remember the taste of the soup and it haunts us sometimes when we are craving for something hot and spicy. Perfectly flavored and balanced, we recommend trying this soup out as part of the menu.

Photo 04-10-15 14 03 54

Photo 04-10-15 14 32 10


Main course:

French bean Chili Bean: we started with the French bean sautéed in a spicy and tangy sauce, cooked to perfection. We’ve had this at many restaurants and it’s safe to say that the chef has mastered this dish here.Photo 04-10-15 14 51 21Four Friends & Green Curry Vegetable: delicious curry loaded with vegetables is a perfect accompaniment for your main course with noodles. By the time you get to the curry & noodles you will be pretty full and if you aren’t we recommend you save space for dessert!

Photo 04-10-15 14 51 24

Photo 04-10-15 14 51 10

Photo 04-10-15 14 51 05

Photo 04-10-15 14 51 15

Orange Lemongrass & honey sorbet: Refreshing and the perfect palate cleanser in between meals. We suggest you take your time and savor this sorbet so you can make some space in your tummy and tongue to enjoy the best part of the brunch – the desserts.

Photo 04-10-15 15 22 29


The Vanilla Ice cream with Gooey Chocolate Mousse Cake is delicious to a whole new level. Perfectly baked and gooey with a mousse filling too give you the right amount of sweet after a wholesome meal. They also have Lemon Grass Crème Brulee, Homemade sticky rice & mango ice cream and Tub Tim Krobe part of the dessert menu. Don’t get overwhelmed with the variety; we are sure there is a god who will make space in your tummy for the dessert regardless of how full you are!

Photo 04-10-15 15 29 27homemade sticky rice ice cream

Photo 04-10-15 15 29 18Tub Tim Krobe

Photo 04-10-15 15 29 10Gooey chocolate mousse cake

We also tried the Caprioska and Apple & Cucumber cooler and we must say the mocktail have been made with utmost care and love which reflects in the taste and composition of the drink! The apple & cucumber cooler reminded us of the watermelon flavored jolly rancher candy we’ve had as children and is definitely recommended to try here.

Photo 04-10-15 13 48 47 Photo 04-10-15 13 48 21

Caprioska                                                                                           Apple & Cucumber Cooler

Photo 04-10-15 15 53 25Enjoying some jasmine tea post our brunch

Overall, the brunch at O:h Cha is recommended for its service, value for money, options and ambience (and of course the complimentary glass of Casablanca sparkling wine 😉 ). We’ve brunched at several places and found this to be one of the best and most worthy of our time, money and experience. The brunch is priced at 2200 INR.

Photo 04-10-15 13 23 03Do share with us your favorite place to brunch, and if you’ve been to O: h cha, what was your favorite part of the meal!

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