Siafa India – Let’s ‘Date’, shall we?

If you are looking for a perfect evening snack which is healthy and tasty, look no further! Siafa India has a variety of offerings for everyone’s tastes buds. Being the leading producers of dates in Saudi Arabia, Siafa dates have recently ventured into India launching their first store near Crawford market, Mumbai. The store might be a little difficult to locate at first, but you can ask anyone for Federal bank and they will guide you to the well-lit store for a wonderful experience.

Upon entering you might find yourself awestruck at the varieties and quantity of dates the store has to offer. Laid out in beautiful glass bowls, trays, gift boxes and packages, Siafa India has something for anyone and everyone walking into the store. Read on to find out the different types and flavors of dates that are available at Siafa India.


Food (Dates): 4/5

Service: 4/5

Ambience: 4/5

Sukhary: these are fresh, crispy and are sweetened naturally. These are high in demand in the middle east.

Photo 14-05-15 19 28 59

Ajwa Al Madinah: these dates are specially grown in Madinah, which is sweet and has considerable religious importance as well. The prophet has mentioned that if a man starts his day with seven Ajwa dates, cannot be harmed by poison or magic. So go on, try this date while at Siafa not only for its health benefits but also for its religious and historical significance. This is also available in a one kilo packet with honey, nuts, cardamom and saffron. It is very important to store the Ajwa date with filling horizontally, so that the honey doesn’t overflow and the pack is intact.

            Photo 15-05-15 12 45 40               Photo 14-05-15 19 57 47

Photo 14-05-15 19 30 02

Kalbi: the most common date consumed in India is grown in several parts of the middle east. Devoured for its dark brown texture and sweet taste, the Kalbi date has various health benefits such as Vitamin B & A, Calcium , Iron among others.

Flavored Dates: if you aren’t a date person, don’t worry, as we mentioned earlier, Siafa has several varieties and flavors to offer for everyone! Apart from their delicious plain and fresh dates, they have coconut (Coconut filling covered with white chocolate is a treat for your taste buds. Will remind you a little bit of Bounty but an absolute must try), Rose (stuffed with rose petals, is a healthier alternative to enjoying your dose of ‘Meetha paan!’ if you haven’t had the rose petal flavored date, you are missing out on something major in life.), Hazelnut (perfect for chocolate lovers), Lemon mint, Arabic coffee (bitter, just like the coffee itself and is a refreshing change) , and Orange (Must try!).

                          Photo 14-05-15 19 36 21                Photo 14-05-15 19 38 03                         

                          Photo 14-05-15 20 08 55

Brown Chocolate with almond filling: another personal favorite, as it did not feel like eating a date at all. Must try for chocolate/date lovers.

Photo 14-05-15 19 54 35

Tamaria: dates crushed and topped with sesame, confetti, chocolate and other healthy options are a delight as they are very different from the other types/taste of dates we have ever had.

 Photo 14-05-15 19 49 32

Arabic Coffee: Siafa India also offers various types of Arabic coffee which is bitter in taste, as it is usually accompanied with a sweet date.

Siafa India has amalgamated flavors and fillings with dates to produce a product that is promising in terms of taste, quality, health benefits and price. All dates are also available in single packets if you aren’t too sure of purchasing in bulk before trying, so try away! Let us know what you thought of the post and/or if you have tried them before, which is your favorite. As always, we’d love to hear from you! 🙂

PS. Trying so many dates in one evening was an amazing experience but also reminded us to make the monthly visit to the dentist! 😉

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