Ekaa, Fort, Mumbai

With so many new places opening up in the city, I often wonder what sets a place apart before visiting a new cafe or a restaurant.

Similarly, when I heard of a new place that’s opened up in Fort – Ekaa, I wondered if it would be just another restaurant that I would go to check off my list.

However, when I visited the place and I spoke to the team, the manager, and the head mixologist, I realized that the menu, its cocktails, everything in the restaurant have been given immense thought and curated accordingly.

Starting with the cocktails, some of the ingredients used in the beverages Are fermented in-house and inspired by the Ecosystems around us such as the desert, forest, grasslands, and more. Make sure to speak to the bartender or the mixologist and understand the details and the thought behind each drink and choose your drink accordingly.

Cocktails at Ekaa

For food, they have a vast menu to choose from tapas, A La Carte, and a chef’s tasting menu (10 courses).

The portion size may be limited but I think that ends up being a good thing as it enables you to try many more items that Chef Niyati and her team are putting together.

Tapas at Ekaa

My favorite dishes from what I tried during my visit here are sourdough and the tapioca. The flavors had just the right notes and were very tempting and safe to say that I wiped off both the dishes within minutes.

Ekaa is unique in its way – through its food, cocktails, and just how the place is put together. Check out a walkthrough of this place here.

They also have a private dining area for up to 13 people which can be a lovely setting for a family gathering or a friend’s birthday or celebrations.

Private dining space available on request

It’s always about the experience more than just the food or service. And that’s exactly what you will have at Ekaa.

Make sure to check for reservations before you go, I would recommend a lunch visit as it has a beautiful open space with natural sunlight.

Disclaimer: I was invited here by the restaurant and was given tasting portions however, the views expressed in this article are genuine and at my discretion.

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